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Lillis tournament Schedule (updated)

Lillis Basketball Tournament Semi-Final Schedule:

The Friday (12/17) night results are below.

Saturday games (12/18) –


9:30  6th boys semi….to be determined Friday night

10:45  6th boys semi….to be determined Friday night

12:00  807 VIS – 808 STP (8B boys bronze final)

1:15  805 STM – 809 VIS (8B boys silver final)

2:30  806 PRES – 810 REGIS (8B boys gold semi)

3:45  same


9:30  502 STM – 513 GABE (5th boys semi)

10:45 507 STM – 510 STP (5th boys semi)

12:00 757 STP – 759 STE

1:15  752 STE – 754 STM

2:30 same

3:45 same


9:30  552 VIS – 555 STM (5th girls bronze semi)

10:45 557 STM – 562 STE (5th girls bronze semi)

12:00 558 STE – 560 STP (5th girls silver semi)

1:15  551 STE – 556 STP (5th girls silver semi)

2:30  553 PRES – 554 REGIS (5th girls gold semi)

3:45  559 VIS – 561 PRES (5th girls gold semi)


9:30  751 VIS – 754 STM

10:45 651 VIS – 654 STP (6th girls bronze-silver final)

12:00  652 STE – 655 VIS (6th girls bronze-silver final)

1:15  653 STM – 656 REGIS (6th girls gold semi)

2:30  same

3:45  same

Sunday 12/19


12:00  NO GAME SCHEDULED….this is different from previous schedule

1:15  660 VIS – 6th girls gold semi winner (6th girls final)

2:30  711 STE – to be determined Friday night (7B boys final)

3:45 704 PRES – 706 REGIS (7A boys final)


12:00  6th boys final

1:15  853 STE – 860 FRAN (8B girls final)

2:30  812 STP – 8B boys gold semi winner (8B boys gold final)



12:00  5th girls bronze final

1:15  5th girls silver final

2:30  5th girls gold final

3:45  5th boys final

Lillis Basketball Tournament Results


AT VIS: 710 STM over 712 VIS 38-21.  Mullen drained 3 from beyond the arc in leading the Cyclones with 20 points, while teammate Sherman also connected 3 times from long range.  Luke Bumgarner paced the Shamrocks with 7 points as teammates John Santner and Aldo Tuccillo both had 5.

713 STM over 714 VIS 59-26.  St. Thomas More advanced to the boys 7B final behind 28 points from G. McNally.  B. Evans finished with 12 points for the Cyclones and J. Watson had 10.  Jimmy Patterson scored 8 of his 12 points in the third quarter and Shamrock teammate Andrew Blickhan sank 8 of his 10 points in the second quarter.

615 VIS over 613 STM 28-24.  Needing a win and to hold St. Thomas More to 25 points or less for the 3 way tiebreaker, Visitation withstood a flurry of shots in the last 90 seconds to advance to the semi-finals.  The finish was so exciting I left the sheet at the gym.  Game summary to follow in Saturday’s results.  And boom goes the dynamite.

AT STP: 857 STP over 858 STM 20-9  E. Shorter tallied 6 points while G. Wilmot, H. Lee, Grace Sly and G. Smithmeier balanced out the St. Peters’ scoring.  A. Drummond, M. McKenzie, M. Moriarty and A. Tarwater all scored for St. Thomas More.

616 PRES over 614 STP 35-24.  After being tied at the intermission, the Panthers pulled away as Hayden Ferguson scored 8 of his 9 points in the second half.  Teammates Michael Waris totaled 10 points, Ryan Rieger had 8, as Luke Gutierrez and Nathan Rotert both had 4.  Sam Nulton hit twice from downtown in the second half to lead the Patriots with 9 points, as Joe Taylor, Jarod Dunagan and Oliver Hutchinson rounded out the scoring.

606 STP over 607 REGIS 37-31.  Reller led the Patriots with 14 points, Linscott had 11, while Baker and Flynn each scored 6.  The Eagles’ Kimbrell scored in every quarter to total 12 points, Jones had 7 and Heiman 6.

AT STE: 611 STM over 609 STE 34-22.  Alex Crayon, Tommy O’Halloran, Tommy Wagner, Keegan Effertz, Jaden Johnson, Curtis Park and Maguire Radosevic led a balanced Cyclone scoring attack, all finishing with between 3 and
6 points.  George Ryan hit 2 treys and scored in every quarter to finish with 13 points for the Irish, while Jon Gibson chipped in with 5 and Brendon Odrowski 4.

601 PRES over 604 STE 33-21.  The Panthers advanced to the semis behind 12 points each from Jack Krawczyk and Austin Hardy, while Will Beachner and Collin Kenney combined for 9.  Decker and McClain both scored in every quarter for the Irish to finish with 13 and 8 points respectively.

608 STM over 605 VIS 29-21.  In a battle of unbeatens, Visitation pulled to within 2 points with 3 minutes to go, but St. Thomas More hit down the stretch to advance to the semi-finals.  Missing 2 key players, the remaining 7 Shamrocks picked up the slack and all scored. led by Robert Dakan with 7 points, while Cole B. had 15 points for St. Thomas More.

All 4 of the semi-finalists in the 6th grade boys bracket are still up in the air and will be determined in Friday night’s games.

One finalist will be determined Friday night in boys 7B.

AT VIS: 854 VIS over 856 REGIS 35-10.  All 6 Shamrocks scored as Taran Smith scored 12 points, Lily O’Neill and Madeline Meloy each tallied 8, and Mae Heitman connected from beyond the arc.  Peyton Podschwit and Kelsie Leathers both hit 2 field goals for the Eagles.

810 REGIS over 809 VIS 40-28.  Gerard H. hit 2 treys and scored 12 of his 16 points in the opening quarter to give Regis a 10 point lead, but Visitation cut it to 2 at the intermission.  Bruce L. had 12 points and Tim T. 6 as the Eagles advanced to the gold semi-finals.  Billy Hodes drained 3 from long range and finished with 15 points as Shamrock teammate Ben McCausland contributed 9 points.

705 STE over 707 NAT 45-38.  All 13 players in the game scored (7 Nativity and 6 St. Elizabeth).  Dalton Lanpher led a fourth quarter Nativity rally hitting 2 treys and totaling 12 of his 15 points, but the Irish held on, hitting 8 free throws down the stretch.  Ben McAuliffe scored 12 points for St. Elizabeth, Carson Mulvay and Derek Lester each added 10, and Jake Fetters 7.  Brock Johnson and Brock Hughes both finished with 6 points for the Nighthawks.

AT STP: 704 PRES over 702 STP 35-26.  Sean Vickery scored 6 of his 9 points in the first quarter to give St. Peters a 1 point lead.  All 7 Panthers scored as C.J. Naudet and Joe Ganaden both connected from long range to finish with 9 points apiece,  Timmy Waris had 6 points, and Nick Naudet and John Godfrey both tallied 4.  Ben Pautler finished with 7 points for the Patriots, Sheldon Gray had 6, and Conor Law 4.

701 STM over 703 CHAS 54-22.  All 7 Cyclones scored as Verhulst knocked down 4 from beyond the arc to finish with 14 points, while Hoop had 12, Gassman 8, and Park and White with 7 each.  Jury finished with 8 points for the Chargers and Ross connected twice from downtown.

716 PRES over 715 STP 35-22.  The game was tied after the first quarter, then Michael Drake paced the Panthers with 9 points as Brian Jacobe and Trey Bainbridge both scored 8.  For St. Peters, Adam Palonski finished with 9 points and Harry Oest added 8.

AT STE: 501 CTK over 504 NAT 33-5.  Jake Jester led the Crusaders with 14 points, Cameron Clark had 13, Eli Todd 4 and Connor Welsh 2.  Anthony Costanza scored 3 points for Nativity and Drake Weber 2.

506 JAMES over 505 VIS 29-21.  Jay Sarson nailed 2 from downtown in the 12 point Visitation second quarter, but Victor Joe answered with 2 treys in the third quarter to lead St. James with 12 points.  Gibson, Hammer and Heinzler all had 4 points for the Saints.  Harry O’Neill finished with 8 points for the Shamrocks and Sam Curran had 5.

507 STP over 508 PRES 23-22.  With the winner advancing to the semi-finals, Presentation led by 8 at halftime, then St. Thomas More held the Panthers scoreless to pull within 1 at the end of 3 quarters.  (“We move to further action in the 4th quarter”)….The Cyclones overcame a 4 point deficit in the last minute to pull out a thrilling victory.  Logan Tillmon scored 6 of his 9 points in the final period, Danny Hair had 7, and Brett Ismert hit the clutch 3 late for St. Thomas More.  Ben Coats led Presentation with 9 points, Mitch Ross and Adam Walker both had 4, and Michael Tierney 3.

AT VIS: 505 VIS over 507 STM 19-14.  The Shamrocks’ Nathaniel Lueke connected in every quarter and finished with 13 points as teammate Harry O’Neill added 6.  Andrew Nessim scored 6 points for the Cyclones while Mike Cochran and Danny Hair both had 4.

706 REGIS over 708 VIS 47-34.  With a trip to the championship game at stake for both teams, the Eagles trailed by 3 at the half and by 6 midway through the third quarter, then caught fire and finished the game with a 13-2 final period.  D. McDaniel paced 8 Regis scorers with 14 points, A.J. Taylor had 12 and K. King 9.  Sam Crist scored 14 points for Visitation, Jake Bergner 8 and Lucian Parece 5.

812 STP over 811 VIS 40-17.  Stephen Lynn and Liam Ryan hit treys in the first quarter to keep the Shamrocks within 1, then Jonathan Pugh scored 8 of his 18 points in the second quarter as the Patriots advanced to the finals.  Tommy O’Malley and Brady Bird both scored 6 points for St. Peters while Luke Hair and Eli Jurden tallied 4 apiece.  Andrew Herring also connected from beyond the arc and led Visitation with 7 points.

813 SJL over 814 STE 36-22.  All 7 VIkings scored as Alex Huttinger hit 2 treys and was joined by Evan Velasquez in sharing scoring honors with 10 points, while Paul Gimmaro, Peter Spolitto and Ryan Adams combined for 13.  Knopke led the Irish with 7 as Baker, Purpura and Galey combined for 13.

756 STM over 760 VIS 11-7.  Michaela Wynne hit 2 buckets for the Cyclones, and after Visitation tied the game behind Mary Hilliard’s 2 third quarter field goals, Jessica Korth hit from long range late to ice the game.

AT STP: 502 STM over 501 CTK 30-12.  The Cyclones advanced to the semi-finals as Jones scored 10, Murphy 8, Purcell 7 and Sulzer 5.  Jake Jester had 8 points for Chris the King and Cameron Clark 4.

510 STP over 509 STM 34-20.  St. Peters prevailed in the head-to-head match-up to determine who would move on to the semis.  Zach Burke led the Patriots with 12 points, while Ryan Holmquist added 10, Frank Barry 6 and Henry Buren 4.  Peyton Hamrick scored 10 points for St. Thomas More, as Bart Harris and Max Conner each had 4.

704 PRES over 701 STM 55-36.  The Panthers opened with a 17 point first quarter and never looked back.  Tim Waris hit 2 first half treys and finished with 16 points.  Presentation teammate C.J. Naudet also poured in 16 points, Nick Naudet added 10 and Joseph Ganaden had 9.  Trevor White led 7 Cyclone scorers with 10 points, Martin Rodosevich contributed 9 and Danny Hoop 8.

711 STE over 709 PRES 36-17.  Trailing by 1 after the opening period, the Irish outscored Presentation in the second quarter as Sam King hit 2 treys.  St. Elizabeth advanced to the finals as Walter Adams added 12 points, Andrew Craig 9 and Nick Kriwett 5.  Michael Rizzi scored 6 points for the Panthers and Thomas Seneff chipped in with 5.

806 PRES over 805 STM 39-19.  The Panthers won the right to advance to the gold semis as Alec Benefiel and Brian Downs both scored 10 points with Austin Loehr adding 8.  Tulipana, Cook and Krebs combined for 16 points for St. Thomas More.

AT STE: 513 GABE over 514 REGIS 46-5.  The Saints advanced to the semi-finals as Johnny had 13 points, Cannon and Mikey 11 each, Evan 6 and Dominque 4.  Tyrez and Jack both connected from the field for the Eagles.

503 STP over 504 NAT 30-12.  Joseph Costanzo scored 10 points for the Patriots, Ryan Ruff and Dylan Dale had 6 each, and Moss Avelluto added 4.  Anthony Costanza led Nativity with 5 points and Jacob Dec hit from beyond the arc.

511 VIS over 512 NAT 39-17.  Jack Ecles paced 6 Shamrock scorers with 13 points, followed by Michael Blanck with 9, Jack Murphy 6, William Crowe 5 and Matthew Hogan 4.  Boucher led the Nighthawks with 8 and Hain contributed 5 points.

516 STM over 515 VIS 30-19.  Schieber led the Cyclones with 14 points,  Krebbs drained 2 from downtown and finished with 8 points as Flucke added 6.  J.J. Mayer had 8 points for Visitation, while Joseph Massman and Will Bartek each hit 2 buckets.

AT STA: 651 VIS over 652 STE 17-16.  In a close game from start to finish, Hannah Grant scored in every quarter and led Visitation with 12 points while Maria Tilson tallied all 5 of hers in the second half.  St. Elizabeth’s Miller knocked down 10 of her 12 points after the intermission.

660 VIS over 657 STE 25-19.  Colleen O’Rourke scored in every quarter and finished with 12 points, and teammate Ashley Morris canned 8, as the Shamrocks advanced to the finals.  Fiona Nelson hit a high school trey and finished with a game high 17 points.

656 REGIS over 654 STP 28-10.  The Eagles advanced to the gold semis as all 5 players scored.  Emily Clark led Regis with 13 points, while Natalie Hull had 6 and Maddy Salanski 4.  Jeanne O’Flaherty led 5 St. Peters’ scorers with 4 points.

AT VIS: 802 PRES over 804 VIS 40-32.  The Shamrocks jumped out to a 10 point first quarter lead as Jimmy Dixon scored 8 of his 10 points.  The Panthers opened the second half with a 12-4  run as Caleb Frerking scored 8 of his 11.  Zack Drake had 10 points for Presentation, Andrew Grindstaff 8 and Michael Briggs 6.  Trevor Weinrich totaled 8 points for Visitation, while Ryan Lewis and Jackson Elder both had 4.

860 FRAN over 859 VIS 23-18.  Jenny Tilson hit 2 treys and scored 10 points for Visitation in the first quarter, but the Falcons won the match-up to determine who faces St. Elizabeth in next weekend’s final.  Kelly Holder had 3 second half baskets for St. Francis , Kelly Bullimore added 6 points and Gavin Greve 4.  Gretchen Dudley scored 4 points for the Shamrocks.

806 PRES over 807 VIS 40-11.  All 7 players scored as Nick Schultz led Presentation with 11 points.  Austin Loehr had 8 points for the Panthers, Brian Downs 7, Shawn Van Becoleuse 6 and Connor Lynch 5.  Sam Miller and Knox Plute both hit from the floor twice for the Shamrocks.

612 STP over 610 SJL 24-21.  Dominic Swingle scored 9 points in the opening period to give St. John Lalande a 12-4 lead, but St. Peters hit 4 baskets in both the even quarters in the comeback.  Jerry Concannon had 8 points for the Patriots as Wes Gajon and Bernie O’Boyle finished with 6 each.  Ryan Scholaski added 5 points for the Vikings.

860 FRAN over 858 STM 36-16.  Kate Bullimore led 7 Falcon scorers with 13 points, Gavin Greve had 6 and Kelly Holder 5.  Drummond scored 10 points for the Cyclones.

755 SJL over 751 VIS 25-24.  The Vikings outpaced the Shamrocks behind E. Tucker’s 16 points.  Eleanor Lueke scored 14 points for Visitation and Kathleen Herrington added 8.

759 STE over 760 VIS 17-7.  Allison Quinn scored 6 points for St. Elizabeth, Shelby Curfman had 5 and Maddie Shramek 4, while Natalie Shilati hit a long trey for Visitation.

AT STP: 853 STE over 855 STM 43-9.  Ellie Stingley scored 12 points for the Irish, C. Blount 11, and A. Young  and M. Young Mills 6 each.  Rogge had 3 points for the Cyclones.

810 REGIS over 808 STP 28-24.  Down by 1 at the half, Regis forged ahead with a 9-2 third quarter.  Gerard H. led the Eagles with 12 points and Tim T. had 6, while Jack Barry scored 12 for the Patriots and Patrick Bauman contributed 5.

812 STP over 814 STE 31-18.  St. Peters’ Hair sank 4 of his 5 baskets in the opening quarter, while Pugh hit 3 field goals in the third quarter.  Meysenburg, Galey and Baker accounted for the Irish scoring with 6 points apiece.

614 STP over 613 STM 32-24.  Sam Nulton connected 3 times from downtown and finished with 11 points, Jared Dunagan had 9 points and Oliver Hutchinson 6 as all 6 Patriots scored.  Jack Livingston led 6 St. Thomas More scorers with 14 points.

602 STM over 601 PRES 32-30.  The Cyclones put on a 3rd quarter bombing exhibition, as A. Matthew hit 3 from beyond the arc and Matthew G. nailed 2.  Matthew G. finished with 8 second half points and  Chase D. scored his 6 points in the final period.  Presentation was led by Austin H. with 9, Joe T. with 8 and Collin K. 7.

704 PRES over 703 CHAS 58-19.  C.J. Naudet led Presentation with 18 points, Timmy Waris had 14, Nick Nautet 13 and Joe Ganaden 9.  Pittae scored 7 points for the Chargers while Ross and Henton each tallied 5 points.

503 STP over 501 CTK 38-27.  St. Peters pulled away in the fourth quarter as Joe. C poured in 18 points while Patriot teammates Ryan Ruff and Dylan Dale both added 10.  Cameron Clark led 6 Crusader scorers with 15 points.

558 STE over 557 STM 20-9.  The Cyclones pulled away in the fourth quarter behind 8 points from Morgan Richards and 4 from Danielle Jokerst.  Kate Jones scored 4 points for the Irish.

561 PRES over 562 STE 23-15.  Megan scored 6 of her 9 points in the Panthers 8-0 opening quarter while Alexis totaled 11 as Presentation advances to the gold semi-finals.  Laney Ward accounted for all the Irish’s points.

554 REGIS over 556 STP 17-15 OT.  With the winner of this game advancing to the gold semis, the Eagles trailed by 7 heading into the fourth quarter, but sent the game into overtime as Seriena hit 2 baskets late.  She sank both her free throws in overtime and finished with 8 points, and Mary Clare scored her 6 points in the second half and overtime.  Zoe Butler had 5 points for the Patriots, while Clair Wilmot scored in overtime and finished with 4 points as did teammate Isabelle Flores.

510 STP over 512 NAT 39-13.  Zach Birke led 8 St. Peters  scorers with 9 points as Frank Barry and Ryan Holmquist each added 6.  The Nighthawks’ Bouchey finished with 6 points.

502 STM over 504 NAT 35-13.  Jones and Purcell both scored 9 points for St. Thomas More and Murphy had 8, while Brian Dennis led Nativity with 5.

659 JAMES over 657 STE 18-13.  The Saints Amanda Hayes hit a trey and scored 9 of her 15 points in the opening quarter, while Fiona Nelson also hit from long range for the Irish and finished with 12 points.


At VIS: 616 PRES over 613 STM 28-23.  The Panthers jumped out to a 14-3 first quarter lead.  All 7 Presentation players scored as Hayden Ferguson led the way with 11 points, Michael Waris hit 2 from beyond the arc, and Ryan Rieger added 4 points.  Jack L. had 9 points for St. Thomas More, Danny W. 6 and Jake Lynn 5.

601 PRES over 603 VIS 48-31.  Down 1 at the intermission, the Panthers went on a 15-4 third quarter run.  Austin Hardy scored 17 points for Presentation, Jack K. hit 2 treys to finish with 14 points, and Joe Tadakota added 10.  Ross Elder connected twice from beyond the arc for the Shamrocks and finished with 13 points, Sam Mohajir had 9 and Thomas Whitmer 7.

605 VIS over 607 REGIS 23-20.  In a close game to the end, Robert Dakan had 8 points for the Shamrocks, while Riley and Matthew Meloy teamed up for 13.  Dylan Heiman led the Eagles with 9 points and Jared Bush had 7.

At STP: 653 STM over 651 VIS 35-15.  Tess Rellihan scored in every quarter to lead the Cyclones with 16 points, and teammate Anna Bresette added 10.  Maria Tilson also scored in every quarter and finished with 9 points while Hannah Grant had 4 for Visitation.

513 GABE over 516 STM 36-34.  Trailing by 10 after one quarter, St. Gabriel went on a 14-3 tear the following quarter, then hung on to the very end.  The Cyclones’ Schieber tallied 11 of his 17 points in the opening period, and Krebs hit 4 times from downtown to finish with 16 points.  Dominic Rayborne scored 12 for the Saints, Johnny Rayborne and Connor Miller both had 8, as Mikey Tyhurst added 6.

611 STM over 612 STP 39-32.  Jack Powell led the Cyclones with 21 and Keegan Effertz scored 12 points.  Oxler scored 13 points for St. Peter and Concannon had 10.

At STE: 502 STM over 503 STP 39-35  Double OT.  A very exciting and well played game.  Tied at the half, St. Peter’s Ryan Ruff drained two free throws with 29 seconds left to take a 31-29 lead.  Purcell scored on an inbounds play at the buzzer to send it into overtime.  The teams traded baskets in the first overtime, then Purcell hit a long trey to ice the victory for Saint Thomas More.  Purcell finished with 18, Murphy 9 and Jones 8.  The Patriots Joseph Costanzo had 15 points, Ryan Ruff 9 and Dylan Dale 6.

507 STM over 506 JAMES 28-20.  Down 6 at the half, the Saints scored 12 points in the 3rd quarter, only to see St. Thomas More answer with 12 in the final period.  Danny Hair tossed in 10 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter for the Cyclones, while Crissell had 10 of St. James 3rd quarter points to finish with 14.

509 STM over 512 NAT  48-14.  Peyton Hamrick scored 12 points for St. Thomas More as teammates Max Conner and Andrew Kammerer both had 11.  Hain led the Nighthawks with 9 points.


At VIS: 656 Regis over 655 VIS 27-12.  All 6 Eagles scored as Nat Hull finished with 8 points, followed by Marayah Talbert and Mattie Salanski with 6 apiece.  Kara Sarson had 2 baskets for Visitation and Katie Donnellan chipped in with 3 points.

660 VIS over 659 JAMES 24-14.  It was a 7-up tie after one quarter, then Ashley Morris hit 2 treys for the Shamrocks and finished with 15 points, while teammate Lindsey O’Leary hit 1 from beyond the arc and totaled 7 points.  Amanda Hayes led St. James with 8 points as she also connected from downtown.

708 VIS over 707 NAT 36-31.  The Nighthawks and the Shamrocks traded 1 point leads thru the first 2 quarters.  Nativity outscored Visitation 11-3 in the third quarter, but Hans Hodes, who led all scorers with 14 points, hit 3 treys and scored 12 points in the deciding fourth quarter to fuel a Shamrock 18-4 comeback.  Dalton Lanpher led the Nighthawks with 11 points, Brock Hughes had 10, while Eliott Shearhart and Jordan Suplee combined for 10.  Sam Crist had 8 points for Visitation, Sam Gardella and Lucian Parece teamed for 9, and Wheaton Jackoboice connected from long range.

At STP: 752 STE over 753 PRES 40-7.  Carter scored 11 points for the Irish, Stoetzer 10 and Charles 9.  Grace Pepple, Chloe Higinbotham and Amy Simonin all connected for the Panthers.

702 STP over 703 CHAS 48-24.  The Chargers led by 1 after the opening quarter, but all 8 Patriots hit from the field to pace St. Peters balanced attack.  Pautler had 10 points, Vickery 8, Griffin and Grey 7 each, and Tangen 5.  Jury led St. Charles with 12 points and Hockemeyer added 5.

801 STP over 802 PRES 42-40.  Presentation overcame a 10 point halftime deficit as Frerking hit 3 of his 4 treys in the third quarter.  The 5-man St. Peters squad gutted out an exciting win as Chapman had 10 points, Dial and Wilson 9 each, Bryson 8 and Murphy 6.  Frerking finished with 23 points for the Panthers and teammate Drake added 8.

At STE: 561 PRES over 560 STP 12-6.  Courtney scored 6 points for the Panthers, Anna had 4 and Alexis 2.  Maureen Egan, Maeve Madden and Katherine Cory all connected for St. Peters.

508 PRES over 506 JAMES 20-18.  A thrilling game from start to finish.  Victor Joe led St. James with 15 points, while the Vikings Michael Tierney scored all 8 of his points in the second half, teammate Adam Walker also finished with 8, and Andrew Drake added 4.

515 VIS over 514 REGIS 22-10.  Tied after 1 quarter, Visitation pulled away in the middle quarters as JJ Mayer sunk 4 baskets in the third quarter to finish with 10 points.  Both teams had 5 players score, with the Shamrocks’ KJ Connell and Joseph Massman joining Matthew of the Eagles with 4 points.

At STA: 859 VIS over 857 STP 31-30 OT.  The Shamrocks overcame a 5 point fourth quarter deficit to send the game into overtime, and after the 2 teams traded baskets, Haley Sirokman sank the winning free throw.  Grace Sly nailed 2 high school 3-pointers in the first quarter to finish with 8 points for St. Peters, as Shorter and Lester both had 7.  Jenny Tilson drained 14 points for Visitation and Gretchen Dudley finished with 11, 7 of those coming in the fourth quarter and extra time.

853 STE over 854 VIS 32-25.  The Shamrocks committed 10 fouls in the opening 3 minutes and trailed 14-1 after one quarter, before storming back to take a 23-22 lead with 3 minutes to go in the contest.  Ellie Stingley scored 6 of her 16 points late to lead the Irish to the victory, teammates M. Young Mills and A. Young both added 6, while C. Blount scored all 4 of her points in the fourth quarter.  Visitation’s Lily O’Neill had 6 of her 7 points in the second half, Madeline Meloy scored her 7 points in the second quarter before fouling out, Amelia Marsh had 5, and Taran Smith 4.

Tuesday 12/7

Correction from results of 12/4 – I mistaken listed 660 VIS over 658 STM 23-13.  The result was actually 559 VIS over 558 STE 23-13.

At VIS: 708 VIS over 705 STE 44-42 OT.  The Shamrocks and the Irish traded 2 point leads at each break, then St. Elizabeth overcame a 7 point deficit in the last minute to send the game into overtime.  Visitation’s Lucian Parece hit the only bucket in extra time and joined teammates Hans Hodes and Sam Crist in all finishing with 8 points, while Sam Gardella poured in 10 of his 14 points in the furious fourth quarter.  Fetters had a game high 17 points for the Irish followed by Lester with 8 as Mulvey
tallied 6 of his 8 points in the fourth quarter.  For the tough luck Irish, it was their second straight 2 point overtime loss.

805 STM over 807 VIS 26-13.  The Shamrocks scored the first 7 points of the fourth quarter to cut the Cyclone lead to 4, but St. Thomas More prevailed  as Zach scored 16 and Daly 5.  Andrew Mohajir had 5 points for Visitation and Ethan Youngs connected on 2 field goals in the final period.

754 STM over 755 SJL 27-13.  Nicole scored 11 points for the Cyclones, Allie and Izzy both finished with 6 and Mary Kate 4, while Shelby nailed 2 second half baskets for St. John Lalande.

At STP: 608 STM over 607 Regis 30-13.  Up by 1 at the intermission, the Cyclones pulled away in the second half.  Keegan had 9 for St. Thomas More, Cole 7 and Dillon 6.  The Eagles Dylan Heiman connected twice from long range and teammate Ian Kimbrell added 5 points.

610 SJL over 611 STM 40-36.  Ryan Scholaski scored in every quarter and led 7 Viking scorers with 18 points, while Joe Wendell and Seth Hewks both added 6.  Jack Powell fueled a 16 point St. Thomas More fourth quarter rally, scoring 20 points for the game while knocking down 10 out of 11 free throws.  Maguire Radosevic chipped in with 6 points.

701 STM over 702 STP 53-34.  All 8 Cyclones scored, led by Murphy’s 17 points.  The Cyclones Hoop was 7 for 7 from the charity stripe and finished with 11 points, and teammates White, Radosevic and Burns combined for 18.  Ben Pautler scored 15 for St. Peters while Sean Vickery and Daniel Simon both added 5.

At STE: 556 STP over 555 STM 10-7.  Isabel scored 4 of her 8 points in the fourth quarter for the Patriots and Alyssa Bolton collected her 4 points in the fourth quarter for St. Thomas More.

559 VIS over 557 STM 20-13.  Ava Stram scored 8 of her 12 points in the fourth quarter, and Alison Weinrich tossed in 3 first half baskets for the Shamrocks.  Morgan Richards had 6 points for the Cyclones, Danielle Jobst 4 and Emily Livingston 3.

513 Gabe over 515 VIS 23-12.  John Raybourn scored in every quarter for St. Gabe’s and finished with 12 points while teammate Mike Tyhurst added 4.  JJ Meyer and Will Bartek both had 5 points for Visitation.

: 856 Regis over 855 STM 28-13.  Renae Rogge scored all 7 of her points in the first quarter to give St. Thomas More a 1 point lead, while Emma Lanpher hit 3 baskets in the third period.  The Eagles’ Sammy Kralicek connected in all 4 stanzas and finished with 12 points.  Annabelle Palomars had 7 points, Peyton Podschwit 5 and Kelsie Leathers 4.

706 Regis over 707 Nativity 50-30.  The running Eagles had 24 first quarter points as all nine players scored in the game, all of them in single digits.  Dominque Young and Jordan Birks each had 8, Austin Evans 7, Dezmond McDaniel and A.J. Taylor 6 each, while Khristian King and Phillip Mott both hit treys and finished with 5 points.  J. Supplee led the Nighthawks with 10 points, as teammates Dalton Lanpher and T. Ludwick both scored 6.

812 STP over 813 SJL 31-19.  The Patriots pulled away in the second half.  Pugh had 15 for St. Peters and Jurden 5, while for the Vikings Evan Velasquez scored 8 points and Alex Huttinger 6.

At STP: 605 VIS over 606 STP 20-19.  St. Peters’ 10-0 second quarter run gave them a 6 point halftime lead, but the Shamrocks’ Robert Dakan scored 8 of his 12 points after the intermission, and teammate Riley Meloy tallied 6 for the game.  The Patriots’ Reller scored in every quarter and finished with 11 points.

614 STP over 615 VIS 23-20.  Both teams had 5 players score in a game the was close from start to finish.  Taylor had 10 points for the Patriots and Nolton 5, while Danny Bergner led Visitation with 7 points as Jack McCarthy and Trent DeVruegd combined for 8.  Welcome home Jimmy Bergner!

612 STP over 609 STE 36-17.  Gajan and Oxler led 6 St. Peters’ players with 10 points apiece as teammate O’Boyle tossed in 8.  St. Elizabeth’s Jon Gibson was game high scorer with 12 points.

At STE: 510 STP over 511 VIS 35-24.  Ryan Holmquist led 7 Patriot scorers with 10 points, while Visitation’s William Crowe paced his team with 10.  For St. Peters, Paul Wendling scored 6 points as Fielding Burnett, Henry Buren, Tim Johnson and Frank Barry all connected twice from the floor.  Matt Hogan had 5 points for the Shamrocks and Jack Eckels 4.

508 PRES over 505 VIS 25-14.  Tied after one quarter, the Panthers pulled away with Mitch scoring 7, Adam 6, and Thomas and Ben 4 each.  Nathaniel Lueke led Visitation with 8 points.

516 STM over 513 Regis 40-5.  Tyrez connected on 2 field goals for Regis, while Shieber scored 12 points for St. Thomas More, Krebbs 8, and Flucke and Imhoff 6 apiece.



804 VIS over 803 STE 40-20.  Jimmy Dixon and Trevor Weinrich powered their way to 12 and 9 points respectively, Drew Agnello added 9, while Jackson Morris and Michael Valdivia both drained treys for Visitation.  Louie Carter connected twice from beyond the arc for the Irish and finished with 9 points, with teammate Pete Smardo adding 8.

811 VIS over 814 STE 27-15.  The Shamrocks’ Andrew Herring scored all 8 of his points in the second half, Caleb and Gabriel Aspenwell combined for 13, while Liam Ryan added 4.  Knopke led 6 Irish scorers with 4 points.

808 STP over 809 VIS 43-28.  Joe Ernst led 7 Patriot scorers with 13 points as Matt Thorman, Jack Berry and Nick Ramos each contributed 8.  Mike Meyer scored 12 points for Visitation with Keegan McRoberts and Jackson Roberts both ending up with 6.

711 STE over 712 VIS 32-14.  Sam King hit a trey and finished with 9 points, St. Elizabeth teammate Walt Adams also had 9, while Mackenzie Ways and Andrew Craig combined for 9.  John Santner scored 6 points for the Shamrocks and Aldo Tuccillo added 4.

706 Regis over 705 STE 54-52.  Dezmond McDaniel hit the game winner with 2 seconds remaining and finished with 17 points to power Regis in the furious contest.  Austin Evans poured in all 11 of his points in the second half with A.J. Taylor also finishing with 11 as 8 Eagles scored.  Derek Lester ended up with 14 points for the Irish, Brendon McConnell had 12, Carson Mulvey 11 and Ben McAuliffe 8.


710 STM over 709 PRES 34-23.  St. Thomas More went on a 11-3 third quarter run to break the close game open as Mullen scored 12, and Sherman hit 3 treys to finish with 11 points.  Cuddy and Ismert also combined for 9 points for the Cyclones.  For the Panthers, Thomas Seneff had 8, John Paul Krawcyzk 6 and Eric Melenson 4 points.

713 STM over 716 PRES 36-28.  The Panthers erased a 7 point halftime deficit to take a 4 point third quarter lead as Trey Bainbridge nailed 3 from beyond the arc, but R. Evans scored half of his 12 points in the final period while J. Wilson hit 2 of his 3 buckets as the Cyclones finished with a 14-2 flourish.  G. McNally also had 12 points for St. Thomas More versus the combined 12 from Caleb Sellinger and Michael Drake of Presentation.

860 Francis over 857 STP 32-17.  St. Francis Xavier of St. Joseph’s Kate and Elisha both hit 4 field goals and combined for 17 points to lead 6 Falcon scorers, as Emily, Gavyn and Lexi totaled 15 points.  Grace Sly and Shorter both hit treys and scored 5 points to lead 6 Patriot scorers.

714 VIS over 715 STP 27-22.  Arman Javiar scored all 8 of his points in the first half to stake St. Peters to a 9 point halftime lead.  For the second straight game Mitchell Roach awoke in the second half, scoring 13 of his 15 points to lead the Shamrocks.  Andrew Blickhan scored in every quarter to finish with 10, as Visitation prevailed in the third quarter 9-0.  Harry Oest added 6 points for the Patriots.


602 STM over 604 STE 40-31.  All 8 Cyclones scored as Jack R. had 12 points, Matthew G. 7 and Matthew A. 5.  McClain poured in 15 points for St. Elizabeth and Decker had 14.

509 STM over 511 VIS 35-27.  The Cyclones Peyton Hamrick hit 3 treys and finished with 11 points, Max Connor had 10, Anthony Kammer 8 and Bart Harris 6.  Visitation’s Jack Ecles scored 10 of his 12 points in the second half, and William Crowe, Michael Blanck and Jack Murphy combined for 12.

553 PRES over 552 VIS 31-0.  Hunter Loehr had 10 points for the Panthers, Carson Koob 7 and Megan Gardner 6.

660 VIS over 658 STM 26-8.  Ashley Morris connected twice from beyond the arc for Visitation and totaled 16 points, Lindsey O’Leary hit a trey, scoring 7 points, with Colleen O’Rourke also sinking one from downtown.  Megan Lewer, Alison Moriarty, Sammy Hackett and Mary Keller all sunk a basket for the Cyclones.


757 STP over 756 STM 26-5.  The Patriots Sophie Burke scored14 of her 15 points in the first half.  The Cyclones Mikaela Wynne had all 5 points in the opening half.

754 STM over 753 PRES 37-26.  6 Cyclones scored, led by Nicole with 12, Laura 8 and Emma 6.  The Vikings also had 6 girls score as Steph Ostander had 7, Grace Pepple 6 and Sophee Nedelco 5 points.

752 STE over 751 VIS 32-22.  After leading at halftime the Shamrocks ran out of gas late.  Charles had 8 of her 14 points in the third quarter for St. Elizabeth, with Carter contributing 9.  Eleanor Lueke finished the game with 16 points for Visitation.

759 STE over 758 VIS 6-4.  Maddie Shramek hit 2 baskets for the Irish while Allison Quinn had 1 field goal.  Gabby Keller and Izzy Laskero both scored for the Shamrocks.

At VIS: 609 VIS over 604 STE 50-31.  Decker of the Irish scored 16 of his 24 points in the second half, but the Shamrocks led from start to finish as 7 players scored.  Sam Mohajir paced Visitation with 17, Ross Elder had 11, while Martin Crowe, Alex Hall and Thomas Whitmer teamed up for 20 points.

813 SJL over 811 VIS 56-39.  Visitation’s Andrew Herring nailed 5 treys and finished with 23 points, but Ryan Velasquez’s game high 24 led the Vikings to victory in the shootout.  Saint John Lalande’s Alex Huttinger connected on 3 from long range and finished with 11 points, Ryan Adams had 9 and Peter Spalitto 5.  For the Shamrocks, Gabriel Aspinwell, Liam Ryan and Caleb Aspinwell teamed up for 18.

610 SJL over 609 STE 26-19  St. Elizabeth’s Jon Gibson hit 2 from downtown and finished with a game high 16 points, but the balanced Vikings prevailed as Ryan Scholast had 8, Anthony Gimaro and Joe Wendell  5 apiece, with Reese Schanto contributing 4 points.

752 STE over 755 SJL 27-20.  Charles led the Irish with 15 points as Mannebach tallied all 5 of his in the second half.  Rice led the Vikings with 7, E. Tucker had 5 and Sanders 4.

854 STE over 856 Regis 24-22.  The Irish trailed the whole game until late, as St. Elizabeth outscored Regis 8-3 in the final stanza.  M. Young Mills finished with 8 points for the Irish, Ellie Stingley had 7 and K. Blount 4.  The Eagles’ Sammy Kralicek hit 3 from beyond the arc, finishing with a game high 11 points, while Peyton Podschwit and Annabelle Palomars combined for 9.

709 PRES over 712 VIS 16-14.  Tied at the intermission and close to the very end, the Panthers withstood behind 12 from Thomas Seneff.  5 Shamrocks scored as Mark Muraski sank 2 baskets before fouling out.


654 STP over 655 VIS 22-18.  All knotted up at 16 at the end of 3,  the Patriots shut down the Shamrocks late behind 10 points from Jeanne O’Flaherty.  Rose Madden, Abby Kierst and Hattie Sigler each had 2 field goals for St. Peters.  Visitation’s Kara Sarson led all scorers with 12 points, and Hanna Stram tossed in 2 buckets.

653 STM over 652 STE 36-2.  All 6 Cyclones scored, led by Mary with 12,  while Megan and Tess both added 8 points.

751 VIS over 753 PRES 45-26.  Visitation’s Eleanor Lueke sunk 3 of her 4 treys in the opening frame and ended with 30 points, teammate Kathleen Herrington hit twice from long range and scored 12 points, and Carolyn Crowe also connected from beyond the arc.  Step Ostrander made 2 treys andled Presentation with 12 points, Aimee Rogers had 4, and Grace Pepple and Sophie Nedelco each had 3.

711 STE over 710 STM 28-26 (I think).  No info provided.  But it was a close game and a good time was had by all.

756 STM over 759 STE 14-12.  The Cyclones rallied to tie it up at the end of 3 quarters.  Madeline Cook, Anna Bennett and Michaela Wynne each drained 2 baskets for St. Thomas More, while St. Elizabeth’s Shelby Corfman led all scorers with 8 points.

757 STP over 758 VIS 35-0.  Sophie Burke led 6 Patriot scorers with 15 and Maya Marshall tallied 8 points.


657 STE over 658 STM 17-16.  Back and forth until the end, the Irish pulled it out as Fiona Nelson scored 6 of her 14 points in the fourth quarter.  Megan Lewer sank one bucket in every quarter for St. Thomas More and Mary Keller tossed in 6 points.

553 PRES over 551 STE 26-5.  The Panthers Mariah Lynn had 9 points, Madison Madden 6 and Cameron Koob 4, while St. Elizabeth’s Taylor Crimmins scored her team’s points in the third quarter.

554 Regis over 555 STM 19-17.  Mary had 6 of her 10 points in the Eagles’ big 11 point second quarter explosion, while Bridget finished with 4.  The Cyclone’s Alyssa Bo Han sank one basket in every quarter, as Olivia Cook and Lydia Arnold combined for 9 points.

660 VIS over 658 STM 23-13.  The Irish scored 7 points in the second quarter to forge a 7 up halftime tie, but Allie Weinrich led Visitation to the win, pouring in 19 points.  Nia Musenila scored 6 points for St. Elizabeth and Tumi Musenila added 4.


854 VIS over 855 STM 21-11.  Gretchen Dudley made 3 baskets in the opening quarter, Jenny Tilson hit a high school 3 and scored all 7 of her points in the second half, and Shannon O’Rourke sank both her field goals in the second half for the Shamrocks.  For the Cyclones, Megan McKenzie also connected from deep long range, scoring 5 points in the third quarter, while teammate Allie Drummond finished the game with 6.

859 VIS over 858 STM 23-10.  Taran Smith hit the long trey and scored all 7 of her points in the second half, Kenzie Roach finished with 6 points, while Amelia Marsh and Lily O’Neill each collected 2 baskets for Visitation.  Beshoner led St. Thomas More with 6 points.

Friday 12/3

At VIS: 603 VIS over 602 STM 35-28.  Sam Mohajir and Ross Elder combined for 17  of Visitation’s 19 fourth quarter points, as both finished the game with  14.  The Cyclones Jack R. led 6 St. Thomas More scorers with  7 points,  Chase D. and Tommy W. each had 6, and Matt A. 5.  George Hart added 5  for the Shamrocks.

615 VIS over 616 PRES 36-30 in OT.  In the game of the night, Jack  McCarthy scored 4 of his 14 points in overtime, and Jack Reichman had one bucket in all 5 periods for 10 points as the Shamrocks won a  thrilling see-saw battle.  Ryan also scored in every period to lead 6 Panther scorers with 14, while Michael had 6 and Evan 5. Danny ‘Cheese’ Bergner hit 2 high bouncing free throws in the overtime for Visitation  and Jack Allison hit 2 second half buckets.

716 PRES over 714 VIS 37-26.  Brian Jacobe led 6 Panthers in scoring with 10 points, Trey Bainbridge tossed in 7, and Jake Vinck, Jed Rellihan, Michael Drake and Caleb Sellinger combined for 20.  The Shamrocks’ Mitchell Roach scored 10 of his game high 11 points in the final stanza, Jimmy Patterson finished with 8, and Andrew Blickhan had 5.

At STP: 608 STM over 606 STP 29-22.  Tied 6 all at the intermission, the  Cyclones scored 13 in the the third quarter to take command.  Dillon B. had all 8 of his points in the second half, while Ryan S. and Cole B. combined for 13.  Reller led the Patriots with 9 and Baker and Breson combined for 7 fourth quarter points.

713 STM over 715 STP 36-19.  The Cyclones outscored the Patriots 12-2 in the third quarter.  G. McNally led 6 St. Thomas More scorers with 15 points and B. Evans contributed 9, while Harry Dest led 6 STP scorers with 6 points.

STP 801 over 803 STE 40-20.  All 7 Patriots scored, as Smith hit 2 from long range to lead all scorers with 10 points, while Bryson, Bode, Chapman and Dial tallied 8,7,6 and 5 points respectively. Pete Smardo with 9 points and Louie Carter with 8 both scored in every quarter for the Irish.

At STE: 551 STE over 552 VIS 13-10 in OT.  Taylor Crimmins did all the scoring in overtime and finished with 12 points, while Clare Ryan and Annie Mullen each sank 2 buckets for Visitation.

560 STP over 562 STE 16-15.  Katherine Cory scored 8 points for St. Peters while Maureen Egan hit the game winner and finished with 4.  St. Elizabeth’s Laney Wert was game high scorer with 13 points.

756 STM over 758 VIS 15-9.  The Shamrocks led the whole game until the fourth quarter, and then it was all St. Thomas More, as the Cyclones scored 9 points late.  Madeline Cook led the winners with 5 points, and Maya Visesio and Annalise Acuff both had 3.  Nicole Blanck finished with 4 points and Gaby Keller had 3 for the Shamrocks.

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