2014 Track & Field Info

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Do you need information about St. Peter’s 2014 Track & Field Season? Download the 2014 Track Packet, which includes contact information and meet schedules.


Parents: Join the Athletic Committee

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St. Peter’s Athletic Committee…Join Our Team!!

What is it?
A group of St. Peter’s parents and/or parishioners who volunteer their time and talent to serve in
a ministry that supports the students of St. Peter’s in athletic endeavors.

How many new AC members are needed?
The Athletic Committee would like to recruit up to 8 new members for the 2014-15 school year.

How long would I serve on the Committee?
Volunteers on the Athletic Committee serve a 3-year term.

What does being an AC member involve?

  • Meet once a month to discuss upcoming sporting events, fundraisers, and sports programs that benefit the kids of St. Peter’s.
  • Help coordinate and organize sports teams throughout the school year.
  • Help supervise the gym as a gym captain. This involves management of the concession stand, gate, and gym during sporting activities (8 to 10 gym captain shifts required throughout the year).

When would I start?

  • New members are encouraged to apply any time between now and the end of April.
  • All new members will be invited to attend our last committee meeting in May.

What are some of the sporting events the Athletic Committee coordinates?

  • Girls’ 3rd – 8th grade volleyball
  • Boys’ 5th – 8th grade tackle football
  • Girls’ and Boys’ 4th – 8th grade basketball
  • Girls’ and Boys’ 4th – 8th track and field
  • Lillis Basketball Tournament
  • Moms’ Volleyball Tournament
  • Moms’ and Pops’ Basketball Tournament

If you would like further information about being a member of the St. Peter’s Athletic Committee,
please contact Katie Roder (katie.roder@jocogov.org), current Athletic Director, or a current AC

Thank you.

The Athletic Committee
2013-14 Athletic Committee Members
Andy Loehr, Ann Powell, Annette Campbell, Brad McCormack, Brian Neely, Emily Brewster,
Jane Mosley, Jim Harrington, Joe Kauten, John Rudis, Mark Kuhls, Mark Lowe, Mike Hunter,
Patty O’Connor, Phil Lombardi, Rita Hoop, Ron Murphy, Sharon Kennedy, Steve Biritz, Tricia
McGhie and Katie Roder.